Summer Tour

Cleveland Summer Tour

A few ideas for a summer tour to showcase Cleveland in all of its glory to your next skeptical visitor!

Updated: June 13th, 2017

In July, my East Coast boyfriend is planning his first trip to Cleveland and has very low expectations. I put together a list of some of my favorite places in Cle to take him while he's here for 3-4 days and thought I would share it with you all!

I always cringe when people - my boyfriend included - say, “The Mistake on the Lake” or, “Don’t you guys have the river that caught on fire?” Ugh… those are the worst comments. Cleveland has really developed and transformed over the last 5-10 years and the Cuyahoga River caught fire +70 years ago (SUCH a long time ago!). If I could just get people to fly into Hopkins, then I could show them how cool the city really is and why most Clevelanders never want to leave the snow belt!

Here are some of my favorite activities to do and places to take visitors in the summer:

  • Beers at Great Lakes Brewery
  • Visit the Art Museum and then head over to Little Italy to eat fresh pizza, cannolis, or homemade cavatelli pasta
  • Go to Progressive Field to see an Indians game during Dollar Dog Night or Friday fireworks
  • Picnic at Blossom Music Center - there's the Cleveland Orchestra that plays Broadway music as well as live music while watching a movie. Bring a blanket and a nice bottle of wine 😉 super romantic and pretty affordable!
  • Drive-in movie at Mayfield Road Theater ($20 for 2 movies for 5 people. Can’t beat the price)
  • Hike at the Holden Arboretum
  • Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame (Boyfriend is a HUGE Rolling Stones + AC/DC Fan)
  • Ferrante Winery in Geneva - wonderful wine, fresh pizzas, and live music!
  • Pier W Brunch - they have a beautiful, all-you-can-eat brunch for $40 while enjoying views of the Cleveland Skyline. They serve a glass of champagne and have a full raw bar, prime sirloin, and tasty desserts
  • Head to Barrio near East 4th to drink margaritas and share queso while watching a sports game
  • Go to the JACK Casino to {mostly} people watch
  • Take a day trip to Cedar Point or Put-N-Bay
  • Go to Chagrin Falls and have an ice cream cone at the Popcorn Shop
  • Go to the West Side Market bright and early on a Saturday morning to eat some pizza bagels
  • Visit the Heinen’s downtown to see the beautiful dome, drink some wine, and eat their yummy cheese platter

Hope you all enjoy my suggestions for a few activities to take advantage of while showing visitors around Cle!



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