Scavenger Hunt

Cleveland Scavenger Hunt

Looking for something to do on a Friday night? Not feeling like drinking but still want to hang out with friends? This is the perfect game to do with a group of 4-12 people who are ideally split into teams of 3-4 people. We recommend that you meet in a parking lot that is centrally located and that each team has 1 car and a cell. Have 1 person from each team bring a random board game (we recommend twister) with them. Each item below is weighted equally.


The teams have 2 hours to complete the challenge- Good luck! Bring the photos + items back to the start location!

1.)    A picture of a car that has a Cleveland Indians, Browns or Cavs sticker on it

2.)    A picture of a male teammate wearing a dress

3.)    Grab a take-out menu from a Chinese Restaurant

4.)    A receipt for 40 cents worth of gas

5.)    A picture of at least 2 teammates in a dog crate

6.)    A video of a stranger singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

7.)    A fast food restaurant napkin

8.)    A picture of a teammate helping a stranger with their groceries to their car

9.)    A Subway cookie

10.)  A teammate’s bra

11.)  A picture of a teammate with a greeter at a Walmart

12.)  A penny from either 2014 or 1993

13.) A picture of the team playing a board game in Giant Eagle, Heinen's or another grocery store on the floor of the candy isle

14.) A picture of a teammate taking a dozen eggs to a cash register and asking, "How much for only 1 egg?"

15.) A picture of a teammate going up to a stranger and asking, "Do people call it soda or pop?"

16.) A picture of teammates playing leap frog with a stranger

17.) A picture of a teammate doing a yoga pose on the grounds of a McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's or Taco Bell

18.) A picture of a teammate working at a service job where they are not actually employed

19.) A picture of a teammate taking a bite of a stranger's meal at a restaurant

20.) A picture of someone licking another person's foot

21.) A video of a team member ordering food at a drive-thru, paying for the food, and then handing it back to the person working at the drive thru and saying, "Excuse me, no thanks, I'm not hungry anymore."

22.) A disposable toilet seat cover

23.) A picture of team members playing duck-duck-goose in a parking lot

24.) A video of a random couple telling the story of how they met

25.) A plastic bag from a grocery store

26.) A video of a teammate asking a stranger to marry him or her

27.) An Indians hat