The Cleveland Candle Co.

The Cleveland Candle Co.

We recently visited The Cleveland Candle Co., a local company located near West Side Market where you can make your own candles, bath bombs, lip balms, and more! Check out below to learn more about our experience and the steps it took to get to the finished products.

We started with smelling all of the scent options (there were SO many!). We wrote down our favorite scents, and then worked with one of their candle making experts to figure out which scents worked best together. You can pick 2 – 4 scents to mix together – our final 2 were Pumpkin Cookie Crumble and Antique Lace (a vanilla scent)!

Next, we mixed the two scents together, being sure to sniff the mixture along the way to make sure we were getting the perfect scent combination! Our candle making expert then poured unscented wax into a jar, which then got mixed with our chosen scents. Once perfectly mixed, the candle was set aside to dry for an hour before it was good to go!

After we finished our candle, we moved on to the bath bombs. We chose our scent to use – Antique Lace – and got to mixing using their special bath bomb instructions. We also got to choose our color (blue was what we chose, but they also offer yellow and pink, or you can mix and match any colors together!). Once perfectly mixed, we scooped the mixture into a bath bomb mold and out came our blue vanilla scented bath bombs!

Lastly, we created lip balms. Once again, we carefully followed the instructions, and chose from a list of different oils and scents to create the perfect lip balms! There were a bunch of scents to choose from, but we landed on vanilla (“scents” a theme?).

Thank you to Cleveland Candle Co. for inviting us out! We had an amazing time making candles, bath bombs, and lip balms with our fellow blogger friends and highly recommend checking them out!