Grocery Stores

Cleveland Grocery Stores

Last Updated: February 27, 2017

New to Cle and looking for a place to pick up groceries? Or tired of your current grocery go to and looking to change? We’ve checked out Cleveland’s best grocery stores for you below! Giant Eagle and Acme are classic grocery stores that have everything you could be looking for. If you’re looking for a step up from those two, check out Heinen’s. You must check out the Heinen’s in downtown Cle - enter through either side of the building and you’ll find yourself in a rotunda filled with yummy prepared eats. Looking for something focused on good eats and healthy choices? Whole Foods and Earth Fare are the places for you! Don’t forget to check out Whole Foods ready to eat food - it’s the perfect place to pick up dinner if you’re not feeling like cooking!

Heinen’s Grocery Store


With multiple locations in and around the Cleveland area, including downtown, Heinen’s originated in Cle in 1929. Their philosophy is “to provide world-class customer service while offering the freshest, highest quality foods.” Twenty-two Heinen’s are located around the Northeast Ohio and Greater Chicago areas. They’re a family owned and operated grocery store and a great place to grocery shop if you’re living downtown. Make sure you grab Heinen’s card while you’re there-you’ll be able to take advantage of member exclusive sales and offers.

Giant Eagle


Giant Eagle is a great grocery store for those living outside downtown Cle. Their Advantage Card lets members rack up points that can be used as fuelperks at their gas stations located around Northeast Ohio. Pick up an Advantage Card and don’t forget to download their app-you can virtually clip coupons and save them to your card, making it super easy to take advantage of savings on your favorite food! Make sure you stop by their bakery section while you’re there-they make delicious baked goods and cakes; their buttercream frosting is to die!

Whole Foods


Trying to eat natural and organic good-for-you food? Whole Foods offers the finest natural and organic foods available. They maintain strict quality standards and have a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Their stores offer a wide variety of fresh food containing quality ingredients. They’re also a great place to stop for a quick lunch-head to their pre-prepared food and grab a few goodies. Our favorites are their green beans, sweet potato wedges, and breaded chicken breasts. Put together a lunch plate with your faves and heat it up in one of their microwaves-then check out what they offer and get your grocery shopping done!

Acme Fresh Market


Similar to Giant Eagle or another chain grocer, Acme Fresh Market has multiple locations in Northeast Ohio. Pick up one of their member cards to enjoy perks and savings specials throughout the store. Sign up for an account on their website to keep up to date with their latest offerings and food specials.

Earth Fare


Earth Fare founders believe healthy food improves lives. Their goal is to make healthy food accessible to everyone, everywhere. Similar to Whole Foods, Earth Fare have established an organic “free from” mentality. Their groceries are free from high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors and sweeteners, and synthetic growth hormones. They believe food should be as close to the ground as it gets. If you’re looking for a natural and organic grocer, Earth Fare is a great option.