Cleveland's Chinese Food that will have you Ordering Takeout Again and Again

Last Updated: February 27, 2017

Cleveland  is home to a wide variety of different Chinese foods. From trusty Chinese takeout, to comforting dim sum, to authentic shark fin soup, Cleveland will have all of your taste buds satisfied. Cleveland is the only city in Ohio that offers shark fin soup and is considered a rarity. If you're interested in finding some authentic Chinese groceries stores in Cleveland, head over to Tyler Village. 

Li Wah


Li Wah, in our opinion, is the best dim sum option in Cleveland. (There aren’t that many in the city.) Li Wah opens at 10AM and by noon, there will be a line out the door waiting for tables. We recommend going early because the parking lot is fairly small and you don’t want to wait in their line even though it does go quickly. The prices are affordable, and our favorite staples from their Dim Sum selection are: Shui Mai (Pork dumplings), har gao (shrimp dumplings), har chung (shrimp inside a thick shrimp dumpling) and dan ta (egg tart desserts).

Hunan Coventry


We have been going to Hunan Coventry for years! We strongly recommend that you go for lunch or to order take-out. Parking in Coventry at night time, can sometimes be a frustrating task since the parking garage across the street usually fills up quickly (so go early if you do!). The lunchtime prices are very reasonable and the staff members are friendly. You can definitely tell this is a family owned restaurant. We like to eat their sesame chicken, wonton soup, and shrimp fried rice. Also- note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Siam Cafe


If you’re craving late night Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai food we highly recommend this place! Open until midnight every night except Sunday night which closes half an hour earlier (11:30PM). There are a lot of arguments that this is the best Asian restaurant in Cleveland because of the good service, fresh foods, and yummy bubble teas. We recommend their sliced beef with satay sauce, chicken vermicelli, and Siam pineapple fried rice. They also have live seafood including sea bass, lobster, flounder, and crab.

Bo Loong


Bo Loong is located across the street from Siam Café and they serve dim sum on the weekends. Boolong is the only restaurant in Ohio that serves shark fin and is considered a delicacy across the US. (If you’re interested to see the complete US list click here.) The ambiance is very minimal but respectable. We recommend their eggplant dish on their menu because it is very tender and is our favorite! They are very quick with take out on the weekends.

Golden Dragon


Golden Dragon is a perfect east side of Cleveland takeout location. This restaurant is perfect in the dead of winter when we don’t feel like cooking and instead sitting by our fire place watching Netflix. We recommend their lo mein, wonton soup, and sesame chicken. Their portions are always HUGE, and you will have plenty of left overs for days afterwards. We love their food, but their interior decorating could use some love. So, don’t be alarmed when you arrive to eat in or pick up your takeout! (We promise the food is better!)