About Us



Cozy in Cleveland was created because two 20-somethings were passionate about Cleveland! They wanted to share their knowledge and their experiences in the city to others. They also felt that there was never a one-stop-shop for all things Cleveland for their demographic. Whether that be where to go for a first date, or what are the hottest Netflix shows for nights in. They wanted to have an authentic website that gave their honest opinions of Cleveland.


Co-Founders and best friends Aimee & Taylor are true Cleveland Natives. They have always enjoyed exploring the hottest spots in Cleveland and have reveled in how the cities recognition has grown. One year after graduating from Miami University, they discussed how they wished they could share their passion for Cleveland with others. After landing a job outside of Cle upon graduation, Aimee was constantly asked “where are you from?” to which she still proudly answers, Cleveland. When it came time for the co-founders to choose a name for their company, they wanted something that expressed their true passion for Cleveland; a name that would radiate with others the sensation they receive when thinking about Cle: Cozy.


The Co-Founders met at Miami University located about 5 hours away from Cleveland. They both are Cleveland Natives. They joined the same sorority and became Big (Aimee) & Little (Taylor) sisters. By senior year in college, the two of them were inseparable and lived across the hall from one another, uptown. Taylor is definitely the more organized one meanwhile Aimee is the louder of the pair. To this day Aimee still calls Taylor, "Little". After graduation, they have continued to be best friends even with long distance. They talk on the phone or FaceTime a couple times a week, and text throughout their days. They share a passion for good food, new reads, and of course, their hometown, Cleveland.

                                                                    Pictured from Left to Right: Aimee, Taylor

Meet: Aimee Venot


Aimee grew up on the eastside of Cleveland in Chesterland Township: home to Patterson’s Fruit Farm. She loves when October rolls around because the maple leaves start to change to bright hues of orange and yellow. She went to Miami University and studied Engineering and Mandarin Chinese. She now resides in NYC and works for a big data measurement company. When she frequently visits home, you can find her laughing with friends at Barrio sipping on margaritas eating queso, Mentor Headlands with her family, in her yoga pants with a box of Master’s pizza hanging out at a friend’s house, or walking around the Art Museum catching the latest exhibit in town. She dedicates a lot of her "free" time catching up with her friends and considers them the family that she was blessed with receiving in life. Her favorite music is anything that she can dance to and prefers EDM/House music. She loves to travel and explore the world, try new foods, and look at pictures of French bulldogs (hopefully one day have one of her own). She hopes one day that she can reside back in Cleveland because she truly calls the city, her home.

Taylor Supeck


Taylor is an original native of Medina, a quaint town on the westside of Cleveland. She’s a country music fanatic and loves to go to summer country concerts at Blossom. You can also find her at House of Blues from time to time when the occasional country music artist rolls through. After graduating from Miami University with a degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, she moved back to Cle where she works for a market research firm downtown. In between work and concerts, she frequents Barrio (mostly when Aimee is visiting) and can be seen sharing some queso and margaritas with friends. She’s a huge foodie and donut fanatic; one of her favorite hobbies is trying new dessert/restaurant locations in and around the Cleveland area. She recommends Oxford Doughnuts near Miami University if anyone is ever in the area (their Oreo and blueberry doughnuts are THE BOMB). In her remaining free time, she enjoys catching up on a good read, perfecting dessert recipes, and hitting up some hot yoga classes at Yoga Bliss.